Alter Light

This game won the school in-house competition in the genre Spaceshooter.

Alter Light is a Spaceshooter and was developed over a period of 10 weeks (Working Halftime). This is the first game we created in the group that we call ManyHat. The group contains of 12 people (3 Level designers, 4 programmers and 5 3D artists).

I was scripting in XML to create levels. My main responsability was the creation of the tutorial and the second level.

I really enjoyed creating the tutorial. There was alot of story and controls that had to be introduced fast and in a way that didn’t bother the player. I thought this was an interesting challange.
To prepair myself I took a close look on alot of AAA-title tutorials before sitting down and starting the paper-planning. I was very inspired by the tutorial from the first Gears of War game and analyzed it closely.

The video below is the release trailer for Alter Light.