This game won the school in-house competition in the genre Shoot ‘Em Up.

Working in a team of 12 we created this Shoot ‘Em Up. Arganoxx was created over a time-period of 8 weeks (Halftime).

My main responsability was designing and creating the “city-level” wich is the second level in the game. I started out by planning the level on paper. Later I created a scale 1:1 Blockout. Then I handed it over to the Game artists who painted over it to make it look pretty. While they where doing that I started Scripting in XML. Mostly deciding what kind of enemies, where and when they where spawning. I learned alot from this experience. How much of a difference in gameplay the smallest thing can have.

I did alot of research during this period of time into how to create the most varied gameplay with as little resources and features as possible (To get the most out of the short development time).

The video below is the trailer we released for Arganoxx.You can download the game HERE.