This game won the school in-house competition in the genre RTS.

Durodom is the second game we created while working in the group we call ManyHat. It was created over a period of 10 weeks(Working Halftime).

I was scripting in LUA during the whole development period. My main responsibilities was to create an Upkeep system, handling unit cap and balancing gameplay.

Balancing gameplay turned out to be a harder task that I first imagined. This game has a unique buff system. There is different nodes on the battlefield linked to its corresponding unit. Capturing a node directly buffs all units of that type. Making balancing a pain. I worked alot with excel and number crunching to get the units perfect. I learned to break down a game into numbers and then how to handle those to generate a better gaming experience for the players.

The video below is a short trailer for Durodom.