Frankie is a Shoot ‘Em Up boss battle created in Unity. This was a exercise to increase my skills at scripting. Working with C#. I created everything in this little game myself. I used maya to create meshes and animate them. Then i used Photoshop to create textures.

The fight is split up into 3 phases. With each phase I tried to suprise the player and increase the difficulty to keep him/her interested and intrigued.

The picture below is from the last phase. Both hands are shooting while the boss sends a beam of green goo down the middle. Splitting the area where the player can move in two. This creates a different playfield for the player and challenges her to adaptFrankie_Screen1

Pressing the shift key enables the players boosting ability. Increasing the ships movement speed drastically. Shown in the picture below by the glow around the ship. This enables the player to get out of those extra sticky moments and experience a greater sence of accomplishment.Frankie_Screen2

For those who have Unity web player installed on their computer. You can play the game in your browser by clicking right HERE.