This is a game project we created working as the group ManyHat. It is a first-person shooter developed to include cooperative gameplay. We had a period of 8 weeks (working half-time) to finish the game. It is created with our own engine.

I used Maya as an editor to create the level. Exported that to XML and then scripted all events in LUA. I was responsible for the level Blast Proof. I did all object placement, lighting and scripting. In addition I did the sound editing for the whole game.

A challange I hadn’t encountered before was designing levels that have to be playable co-op aswell as alone. I found it intriguing to create puzzle events and make them fun and engaging for both singleplayer and co-op.

Screenshot_01The picture above is the main gate described in the puzzle below (The lightbulbs symbolizes how many buttons that have been pressed).

PuzzleEvent_01 Screenshot_03Walking through the corridor in the picture above triggers a horde event. Spawning enemies from both ends of the hallway. I added memorable “screaming” sounds when an horde event was triggered so players would know that something is coming.

Screenshot_04 Screenshot_05The picture above is a calm area where the player can refill ammo. At first players passed the button without knowing what to do. I relocated the button from the left wall to the center of the wall straight infront of the player. Where I knew they would see it. This made players notice it and solved the problem. Screenshot_06 Screenshot_07 Screenshot_08 Screenshot_09 Screenshot_11 Screenshot_12